I find joy in simple pleasures. The warmth of summer, walks on the beach, and cooking for friends. I'm very passionate about quality time with my Family. My husband, Gary is my biggest encourager and best friend. Together we cherish time together as a family with our two Children.

Thank you for your trust and care as I passionately journey to bring about love & beauty to wear.


The story . . .

Amelia Lawrence jewelry is inspired by friends who are wives, mothers, business owners, doctors, teachers and more. No matter the stage of life we all want to look and feel beautiful! Our jewelry offers a minimal approach so the main focus is you. It is soft, elegant and timeless so to enhance the wearer, not distract from them.

I am the designer and creator behind Amelia Lawrence Jewelry! my Nana (grandmother) was always crafting. Her home offered an array of beads, buttons and all sorts of pretties. As a little girl I would spend hours playing with the strands of beads that hung on her bedroom door and rove through her lovely treasures.

I began creating jewelry in 2016 as a creative outlet from my part time job at the Pentagon as a project manager and from my full time job as a mother. I have watched my design and crafting skills grow into something I never imagined. Shortly after beginning jewelry I left my Pentagon job and opened my wedding planning business. With over 10 years experience on Capitol Hill and government agencies I wanted more time to create and work one on one with people. By 2017 my wedding business was booming and my jewelry dreams seemed as if they were slipping into the background. In 2018 I began making changes to my wedding business so I could once again have time to create.

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The Name . . .

Amelia Lawrence is a creative blend of two family names. When I was born my mother wanted to name me Amelia but call me Amy; however, my father did not see the point and Amy went on the birth certificate. My husband’s first name is Lawrence, after his father, but like his father he goes by his middle name. Amelia - a name that never existed but often referred to and Lawrence - A name that exists but rarely used. I write in cursive and my husband in print . . . thus the logo.